Romantic Date Ideas for Your Boyfriend

Romantic date ideaAs a member of the male fraternity, let me tell you, being a guy isn’t always about being rough or tough. At times, we do like it when our girlfriends go the extra mile and do something for us that is straight out of a Mills and Boon. Also, unlike the opposite sex, we aren’t exactly high maintenance. Therefore, it doesn’t usually take a superhuman effort to please us or melt our hearts.

Flicks that will make you two click
Start with a movie date, but not at the same old multiplex. Have it at the nearest drive-in theater instead. Let it be a surprise for him, plan it in advance. Stock your car with some food, popcorn, cola, and a nice warm blanket. Then, pick him up from his home, and when he asks you where it is that you’re going, keep mum. A drive-in movie experience under the starlit sky, amidst the cool night breeze, can be a truly lovely romantic date idea for him indeed.

Romantic outdoor excursions
Plan a surprise ‘couple’s day out’ for the two of you. You can pack a nice picnic lunch and head out into the countryside, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You can sit under the shade of a mango tree, on the banks of a nearby river, or at the edge of a clear blue lake, and spend some quality time with each other. Alternatively, if your guy has an adventurous streak to his personality, consider a day of river rafting, para-sailing, or something similar.

Get in your amatory best with aquatic ecstasy
Plan a trip to the beach with your guy. Enjoy the sun, sand, and the surf. Zoom around on jet skis, enjoy a couple of salty ocean dips

Romantic Things to Do for Your Girlfriend

Romantic things to do for your girlfriendClichés aren’t bad after all!
Well, you can say some things are clichés only because they’re used way too often. But then, they’re a guaranteed bet. One among these, is a candlelit dinner. Having a romantic candlelight dinner is said to be one of the most intimate experiences a couple shares. This just gets better if you arrange the dinner at your place and cook the food yourself. A good bottle of wine will just be the cherry on the top!

It’s the small things that matter…
A candlelit dinner, or anything that extravagant can be arranged only once in a while. However, there is a need to show love often, isn’t it? There are a lot of small, lovely things you can do to impress your lady love. Drop her a message everyday in the morning and in the night. Leave a card for her outside her apartment. Show up with her favorite flower without an occasion. Take her on a drive and watch the stars!

Passion is the Bull’s Eye!
Right from the way you talk about your relationship, to the way you plan things with your girlfriend, let the passion be visible. You don’t have to do this 24×7, but when needed, you HAVE TO. Flaunt her, flaunt your love for her and let her know you’re willing to tell the world how precious this relationship means to you. Go down on your knees at least once, dedicate a song to her in a pub, sing for her and make her feel wanted in every way you can.

For her, romance is YOU!
Girls asking for more and more time and not getting enough is a fact that we just can’t deny, can we? This is because for

Things Girls Like to Hear

Things girls like to hear“It’s only words, and words are all I have, to take your heart away.” Boyzone surely won the hearts of a million girls all over the world with this song ‘Words’. Science teaches us that boys and girls are wired differently when it comes to most things, including emotions and love. This puts many guys into trouble, as they find it difficult to express their feelings to their lady love. So what do you say when cupid strikes, when your girl is looking so gorgeous that it makes you weak in the knees, when she is sad and it kills you to see her cry, or when you are just simply happy to have her in your life. What better way to get an answer to these, than to ask women!
Dear men all over the world, do not roll your eyes at the mention of cliches. They really do work if used correctly and said with true feelings. Keep it simple and tell her upfront, she’ll appreciate your honesty and courage.
I want to spend the rest of my life with you
No matter how much we deny, we all have a mushy side to us, and whether we make it obvious or not is really not important. Now, saying cute things once in a while is really not going to damage your manliness, is it.
You are the reason
Your smile
Breakfast’s ready, hon!
“Breakfast’s ready, hon!” on a lazy Sunday morning, when you feel inclined to oversleep the most, just after you wake up!
old shorts and a loose T-shirt
actions speak louder than words
There are some of us that live by the ‘actions speak louder than words’ rule. A lot goes into making a

How to be Really Good Friends with Someone You Like

Tip to be good friends with someone you like“Experts on romance say for a happy marriage there has to be more than a passionate love. For a lasting union, they insist, there must be a genuine liking for each other. Which, in my book, is a good definition for friendship.”
― Marilyn Monroe
‘Friendship’ is one term that has become synonymous with acquaintanceship these days, don’t you think? We tend to call everybody we know, a ‘friend’, irrespective of the fact that they actually qualify as a ‘true friend’ in our lives or not. While most of you may beg to differ, we believe that the most crucial fact that decides who will be a friend in our lives, and who will not, is that likeness, a sort of attraction that makes that person somewhat worthy of taking the effort to build a genuine friendship with, the effort that compels us to know more deeply about him/her, not for any lustful reasons, but for reasons that spell genuineness all the way through!
There is no mathematical calculation as to who we may start liking. At times it takes ages for us to develop a liking towards someone, while, on the other hand, there are times when all it takes is a look, and you instantly recognize that this person is invariably someone who would add an all new meaning to your life. The following section gives you tips on how to go about being friends with someone you like, but don’t really know that well.
Ways to be Close Friends with the Guy/Girl You Genuinely Like
We repeat, it ain’t necessary to know someone in-and-out to like them. Most people will interpret it as infatuation, but we beg to differ; that can’t be the

Reasons Your Best Friends are More Important Than Your Girlfriend

Why your best friends are more important than your girlfriend“Where would you be without friends? The people to pick you up when you need lifting? We come from homes far from perfect, so you end up almost parent and sibling to your friends – your own chosen family. There’s nothing like a really loyal, dependable, good friend. Nothing.”
– Jennifer Aniston
Well, you seriously cannot be that person who only values one amazing part of his life. Your life is composed of a lot of elements that inadvertently and subliminally define who you really are. Friendship is that important facet of your life that sculpts you- well that may be far from being billed as a masterpiece, but those very wrongly chiseled, joined, and soldered parts MAKE YOU. Whoa, that’s quite an explanation, we reckon but it’s true.
Falling in love is an awesome feeling too, but it definitely cannot supplant the warmth, craziness, and tacit understanding of your strengths and weaknesses that one forges with his best friends. Your equation with your best friends, no matter what formula you have derived to make it work, WORKS.

We tell you why having best friends in your life is and always be more important than having a girlfriend.
It doesn’t behoove you to stay in touch with your best friends always as your girlfriend
It’s like an implicit arrangement that you make with your girlfriend. She will make sure that she is kept in the loop in all the important or not very important plans and decisions of your life. This, however is not the case with your friends; this is not to say that they don’t want to know or care about you but they can surely survive without being told about every little thing

How to Differentiate Between Good Friends and Best Friends

Good friends vs. best friendsIt is hard to get to the end of the roller coaster ride called ‘Life’ without your friends. And like everything else, friends too come in different shapes, sizes, and friendship levels. You have your acquaintances whom you meet once in a blue moon, or simply greet each other with just a ‘hi’ and ‘bye’. Then you have your good friends who are a little closer than the former. You share quite a good level of closeness with them. And then, there are bigger ones whom you simply can’t live without. They are your best friends! They are those in front of whom you can be 100% yourself. There are some things that you’d think of doing only with your best friends. They may annoy you at times, and even fight with you, but in the end, you know that they’ve got your back, and they are the ones you’ll run to first when you land in trouble. You must be wondering how you would know if a person is your bestie for life, or someone who’s just a passing cloud! To help you out, here are some major differences between good friends and best friends.
Good Friends Vs. Best Friends
Good friends ignore your annoying and irritating habits, but best friends make sure that you know about them, and also help you overcome them.
Good friends get bored of hearing your stories. Best friends can never get bored of hearing your stories over and over again.
Good friends often get jealous of you, but there’s no room for jealousy between best friends.
Good friends help you up if you fall down, but best friends will stand next to you laughing uncontrollably.
Good friends tend to end the friendship over

Essential Advice to Date a Rich Man

Tip to date a rich manA survey done by MillionaireMatch, a dating site for millionaires, states that 79.6 percent millionaire men seek out non-millionaire women! The reason behind this is that these men need a partner they can take care of, said the representative of this website, Darren Shuster.
Well, this survey must have raised the hopes of many―let’s say, not-so-rich spinsters―out there who wish to be with a rich millionaire bachelor, isn’t it? Before you start flying on cloud 9, let’s put forth some not-so-good facts before you all. To begin with, rich men are not as easily accessible as other men. And apart from that, there are also different kinds of wealthy men out there.

Yes, men with money are generally of two kinds:
1) Who have inherited the richness from their ancestors.
2) Who are self-made and have worked hard to reach this status. Though it’s not an established rule, but it has been observed that, the men who belong to the second category aren’t the kind who will spend on their date carelessly. We mean, don’t be surprised if he asks you to leave a tip at the restaurant because he left his wallet in his car! Yes, some men, no matter how many billions of dollars they own, can be stingy, greedy, and mean. That being said, another facet to this dating game is that these high-end men have a radar for ‘gold diggers’. So, if your intentions are purely monetary, we would suggest you to be cautious. They might date you, spend some good time with you, and leave you as soon as they are bored―simply put! The dating advice mentioned in the following section is more about dating these men beyond the monetary benefits, that is, to have

Differences Between The Boy You Date And The Man You Marry

The man you marry is a source of supportCaution: Proceed with Care
First off, let us clarify (for those of us girls unfortunately prone to kicking Mr. Right to the curb), that you cannot evaluate people based on two points from here just after you met the guy last night while puking outside the club. (Whether he called you a cab or laughed at the funky color of your …..regurgitations….. remains to be seen).
Give him time to open up if you have entered into a new relationship and are keen to see where it goes. If he wants to, he will soon show himself to be the man he is when he realizes what you are. Remember, he is similarly evaluating you at the beginning just like you are evaluating him. Do NOT make snap decisions and screw yourself of a chance of a happily ever after.

No two Men are Alike
Do not fret if the man you are interested in does not fulfill all the qualities listed here. He cannot be perfect. Some men are very communicative and cooperative, whereas others need to be coaxed. Some may not always have a plan B in their lives, but that does not mean they are lazy in trying to achieve plan A. Some instinctively know what you want, but some cannot fathom what it is you are desperately going on about. Some will be more available for you depending on their timetable, but others not so much, because they’re in urgent need of money and need two jobs to keep themselves and you afloat. There is no magic trick to identify which one is the right frog to kiss, but do remember to give them a fair chance when the criteria you use are

Things You Should Know Before Dating a Scientist

Dating a scientistThey have strong opinions

When most of one’s time is spent poring over evidence, perfecting solutions and drawing inferences, one can safely say they have a strong opinion on most of the things us ‘plebs’ debate upon. These strong opinions, though, do not mean they are narrow-minded or closed. Any new evidence will be thoroughly researched upon, pronto.
They may not always be on time (Or may not turn up either)

They can’t throw up their hands and ‘call it a day’ in the middle of an experiment. Also, don’t forget that most scientists are also part businessmen, who manage their labs and its brand value apart from conducting research. The result? Your dinner date may get postponed quite too often. But you can’t really complain if your date is a ‘torch-bearer of future innovations’, can you?
They need proof

Elaborate castles in the air may please a dreamer but not the scientist. If you are talking of news, developments or advances in the world, they better be backed with sufficient proof, or your argument may be considered invalid in no time. No proof, no opinion, Mister!
They challenge your imagination

Is there a universe beyond ours? Can the cure for cancer be round the corner? How much more is there in the oceans to explore? Your scientist-date will ignite the imaginative corner of your mind, and you will never see the world with the same eyes again.
They like to talk about their work

True, they won’t be super-excited to talk about their research which has been lagging due to funds, but it is truer that their subject of study is something they love more than themselves. Once they start talking of their pet project, they are bound to go on and on and on… till

Funny Wedding Quotes

Funny quote on marriageIt’s not everyday that you get to point out all the not-so-pleasant things in a marriage, especially when the wife is around. And yes, it can go both ways, with the fairer sex never failing to come up with the most brilliant quips. It remains an unspoken agreement between a man and a wife to keep all fights within the home. While outside, we may have to resort to wordplay and quotes. So join me as I collect the funniest things said about this sacred institution called marriage.
The Light Side of it All
I always cry at weddings, especially my own.
– Humphrey Bogart
I hate weddings. Old people would poke me saying You’re next. They stopped when I started going up to them at funerals and poking them, saying, You’re next.
– Author Unknown
In a nerd wedding, instead of saying ‘I do.’ They say, ‘I accept the terms and conditions.’
– Author Unknown
Music played at weddings always reminds me of the music played for soldiers before they go into battle.
– Heinrich Heine
By all means marry; if you get a good wife, you’ll be happy. If you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher.
– Socrates
A wedding is like a funeral, but with musicians.
– Patrick Dempsey (Mobsters – 1991)
A wedding is just like a funeral except that you get to smell your own flowers.
– Grace Hansen
A toast to the two secrets of a happy marriage:
Here’s to a good sense of humor and a short memory!
– Author Unknown
“I am” is reportedly the shortest sentence in the English language. Could it be that “I do” is the longest sentence?
– George Carlin
Any intelligent woman who reads the marriage